Business Models

As a professional contact center outsourcing, we have two types of business models that you can choose according to your needs.

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Parameters Managed Services Transactional Services
Work Space Agents Anywhere
Dedicated Staff
Dedicated Telephone Number
CRM / Software
Knowledge Management
Hiring & Training
Team Support
Cost Monthly Subscription Pay per Transaction

Managed Services

The Managed Service is an all-inclusive offer. Our contact center service, will provide you with work space, dedicated agents, customized software and hardware, report, and team support. Our experienced personnel will take care of all your communication needs. 

We can supply Managed Service at your site, making it easier for you to monitor the operations.

Transactional Services

This service, will help you focus more on your core business. It’s more efficient because you only have to pay per successful transaction.

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Contact center partnership
Partnership Scheme

Once the agreement is signed by both parties, the preparation process for the project will begin. Starting with a kick-off meeting where our team will familiarize ourselves with all your products and business processes, followed by recruitment to find contact center agents that suit your needs.

When the recruitment process has completed, the next stage is a series of training for contact center agents consisting of induction training, soft skills training including the LIFO® Method, and product knowledge training with your company.

Afterwards, the agents will go through a conversation test and role play. At the same time, our team will prepare the necessary infrastructure. When everything is ready, the project will go live. Every month, you will receive a monthly report where our team will present the results of our monitoring and suggestions that can help improve the quality of your business.