From Basic to Legendary

A friend of mine, trapped in the midst of this pandemic, recently found the “magic” of Amazon. As an employee forced to work from home, he really appreciates the features provided by this former online bookstore. It is not only about the colossal range of products and services that he can purchase, but the fact that Amazon presents a variety of delivery options. Free, same-day, right-to-your-door delivery. If you can name it, then Amazon has it. Amazon treats its customers like kings and everybody loves to be treated like one.

Customers, like my friend, value not only the product but the customer experience that a brand has. Their loyalty rests on brands with top-notch products, reasonable prices, easy access, and satisfactory customer experience. Most customers would even jump ships to other brands just because they provide better customer service. 

Rest assured that in order to compete in this ever-changing world of business, a brand or company should be able to provide an almost-magical customer experience where all that the customers need to do is clicking on their desired products or services and, voila, the package is instantly on their hands and the experience is filled with joy and happiness when they buy, purchase, or subscribe. Then, if problems arise, the wizards a.k.a customer service reps will be there 24/7 to solve all of their issues. And, just like Amazon, that is how you escalate your brands from basic to legendary.

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